By DW Gregory | Directed by Jonathan Wilson

Performed at Loyola University Chicago

Photos by Joe Mazza, bravelux

Poster Courtesy of the Loyola Department of Fine and Performing Arts

A light blue poster with the faces of three women with clocks around them. It says "Radium Girls."
A stage filled with people standing in different spots. A woman stands at a podium in the middle.
Maggie Smith in a floral dress, staring at the camera with her left hand resting on her neck.
Maggie Smith as Mrs. Fryer in Radium Girls. She is wearing a floral dress, and a blue coat and hat.
A stage depicting a court room. People sit in chairs and benches, and stand in the back of the room.
Maggie Smith in a blue dress, blue coat, brown hat, and glasses. She is laughing at the camera.
Two women and a man stand on the stage. Seven windows are lit with shadows of women behind them.