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Le Cirque de Fleurs

A Full-Length Play; 90 Minutes

Le Cirque de Fleurs

By Maggie Smith


Le Cirque de Fleurs

A one-act play taking place over the course of one night, Le Cirque de Fleurs tells the story of six performers, all contracted to work with Le Cirque de Fleurs' during its 1919 national tour. They soon find, however, that they are spending their entire career making an unlivable wage in an unsafe environment. Their response: Set the circus on fire.

This play involved countless hours of dramaturgical research of historical events in order to portray the circus as it was in the 1900s. Using this backdrop, Le Cirque de Fleurs explores the conflicts between biological and chosen family and the relationships that are found within, as well as discusses the struggle and fight for fair treatment in working environments found all throughout history and present day.

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