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A Full-Length Play; 90 Minutes

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The Sinners

By Maggie Smith

Love, The Sinners

While preparing for a normal year at their Catholic high school, a group of queer teenagers are suddenly faced with a new series of anti-LGBTQ+ rules created by their city's archdiocese, threatening to expel each one of them. Tired of their school's "hate the sin, love the sinner" mentality, the teenagers turn to malicious compliance as a means of protest, boycotting every academic material and lesson plan that they argue goes against Church teachings.

This play was written in response to many Catholic schools' new policies on gender and sexuality, which all archdiocesan schools were expected to comply with. This play was written to show that there can be and is an intersection between queerness and religious beliefs. I wrote this play while also reflecting on the caring and accepting environment I grew in at my own Catholic high school, and worked to find a way to depict this accepting environment in the wake of anti-queer policies that are being placed in all environments—

not just educational. 


“Something is terrifying about the fact that this play is set 'now' and the decisions being made and enforced by an educational facility sound like something that could be all too real. Maggie has created a theatrical powerhouse by introducing an audience to this group of teens and their struggles before they take a stand against said struggles. It's a play that offers wonderful roles to young people as well as make an audience consider just how dangerous 'enforcing' certain kinds of rules can be to the individual and what kind of path it can lead society down."

— Rachel Feeny-Williams, New Play Exchange

“Now is the right time for this poignant and essential play for Pride, exploring the intersection of religion and queer identities in a Catholic high school. Maggie Smith's work sheds light on the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ youth in religious settings, emphasizing the importance of acceptance and the dangers of discriminatory policies. The play’s diverse and authentic cast of characters, each grappling with their identity, offers a powerful narrative that fosters empathy and understanding. Its timely message and call for inclusivity make it a significant contribution to Pride celebrations and discussions."

— Kirt Shineman, New Play Exchange

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