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A Full-Length Play; Two Hours


Saint Louise,
Pray for Us

By Maggie Smith

Saint Louise, Pray for Us

In the wake of their youngest sister's death, two young women take the logical next step in deciding to canonize her as a saint. In diving into the details of her life, however, the two learn much more about her than they bargained for.

"This play feels like a hug."

-Grace Mealy

Saint Louise, Pray for Us received its first reading with the Loyola University Chicago Second Stage Program, and was performed in the Loyola University Chicago Underground Theatre. The performance featured Rose Ley Hayek, Maegan Pate, Elaine Peterson, Mia Maccarella, Levi Welch, Drew Clemens, Claire Peters-Seymour, and Elise Mitchell. The piece was stage managed by Megan Crane, and mentored by Dr. Kelly Howe.

As the project lead on Saint Louise, Pray for Us, I worked with the performers during two nights of rehearsals to solidify the final version of the script, as well as answered any questions performers had that later became clarified through rewriting lines or scenes. The project concluded with a talkback, where audience members spoke on moments that connected with them. The project itself was an absolute success, and resulted in a powerful script about loss, coping, and family.

Also, my parents loved it.

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