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By William Shakespeare | Directed by William Brown

Photos by Maggie Smith and LUCTheatreProgram

Performed at Loyola University Chicago

Poster Courtesy of the Loyola Department of Fine and Performing Arts

A blue poster with a white ring and pink roses. It says "All's Well that Ends Well."
Maggie Smith as Morgan in All's Well. She is in a dark blue room, holding a flashlight.
Maggie Smith in a white shirt and untied cravat. She is fixing her sleeve and looking at the camera.
Maggie Smith wearing a matching red checkered skirt. Her hands are on her hips.
Maggie Smith wearing a blue army uniform with pins and a patch with the word "France" on it.
Maggie Smith in a white shirt and white tank top. She is close to the camera.
A Zoom screen showing eight boxes. Each box holds a different person, looking towards the middle box
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