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Improv and Stand-Up

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Rebeclyn and Maggie Logo (2023)


I am currently one half of the duo Rebeclyn and Maggie. I hope that you can guess what half I am. The twoprov team was created in late 2022, and began performances in January of 2023, debuting at Logan Square Improv's Open Floor Show. Our team came into this world as a result of the Second City's Conservatory Program, where Rebeclyn Parker and I met and realized their immediate connection and

fluidity together onstage. 


Rebeclyn and Maggie can be reached via email at, or through their Instagram account @rebeclynandmaggie. 


I was a member of Loyola's Latchkey Kid Improv Team from 2018-2022, beginning August of my freshman year and ending in May of my senior year. Our team performed weekly at the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago until the theater's temporary closure in 2020. Along with this, we performed often at various theaters in Chicago, including the Playground Theatre, the Laugh Out Loud Theatre, the ClusterFunk Improv Festival, and opening twice at Second City. We were a finalist at the 2020 Regional College Improv Tournament, held at Comedy Sportz, and were awarded as the Best Special Interest Organization by Loyola's Campus Activities Network in 2020.


Latchkey Kid Rehearsal (2022)



Starting in January of 2022, I began work as a solo performer. After joining a five-week open mic workshop, where I would generate and perform new material weekly, I began performing at open mics. Since beginning in 2022, I have performed in public numerous times. As a comedian, I present my life from an absurdist lens, exposing my audiences to the strange life I've lived and my even stranger sense of humor. In July of 2022, I began enrolling in stand-up centric comedy classes at Second City in Chicago, where I was able to study the formulaic aspects of comedy and storytelling.

Performance at Ireland's Pub (2022)

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