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Virtue and Grace
Virtue and Grace


Written by Izzy Van Houzen
Directed by Izzy Van Houzen

The Fall of 1814, Kingston upon Thames. As four best friends ready themselves to court this season, Lady Grace Quimby schemes to attend events dressed as a man in order to court other women. With the help of her friends, she dons a disguise and navigates a convoluted web of lies. It is a farcical tale of love, gender, and societal pressure.


Written by Sandra Delgado
Directed by Sandra Delgado

Set in Chicago’s tumultuous late 80’s, The Boys and the Nuns follows Pablo, a young Latino gay man, Joan, a Catholic Sister, and their community as they fight for human rights. Inspired by the stories of interviewed Chicagoans, the collaborators have worked to create a fictional story, based on true events, about the struggle for equality right here in Chicago.



Written by Cameron Sheppard
Music by Oliver Rigsby
Directed by Luca Calabro

Woodhull is based on the inspiring true story of Victoria Woodhull. An outspoken advocate of free love, the spirituality movement, and women’s rights, Woodhull was a persistent political activist. Due to this, she was the first woman in United States History to be given a presidential nomination, given to her by the Equal Rights Party for the election of 1872; her running mate was the esteemed author and leader of the abolitionist movement, Frederick Douglass. Woodhull follows Victoria Woodhull’s campaign for president and her ongoing journey to expose injustice and raise the status of women in America.


Written by Cameron Sheppard
Directed by Pierce Livingston

The year is 1979 and Saint Gianna’s Academy for Girls is shocked by a scandal involving the school principal, Sister Joan. Caught in the midst of a personal awakening and a journey to find the truth, Francis Kincaid begins to see the world and herself in a different light.

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