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Written by Cameron Sheppard | Directed by Luca Calabro

Composition by Oliver Rigsby

Produced by Loyola Theatre Podcasts

Poster Created by Cameron Sheppard


Told in three installmentsSHIT! IT'S WEDNESDAY is an absurdist comedy podcast that tells the story of Chelsea (Maggie Smith), a podcast host who has finally found success with her show.  She finds herself in the middle of a strange phenomenon, however, when news reports surge of people remembering their past lives. 

SHIT! IT'S WEDNESDAY was remotely recorded over the COVID-19 Pandemic in January of 2021 and released in March of that year. The project was led and written by Cameron Sheppard, directed by Luca Calabro, and featured an ensemble of vocal performances from past and current students at Loyola University of Chicago.

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